Practice Tuckshop Incubation 实堂孵化计划 - Hello, How Do You Move?


Date and Time: 09.11.2019 (7.30 pm), 16.11.2019 (4.30 pm, 7.30 pm)
Duration: Approx. 1 hour

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“To watch these dancers in such close proximity in a café space, was a deeply moving experience…” (Audience, M1 Patch!)

Practice Tuckshop is pleased to welcome Rachel Nip and Ammar, who will be developing their project Hello, How Do You Move? The first stage of the incubation process culminated in a series of closed-door showcases during M1 Patch! in August this year. This coming November, we are excited to open our doors to you!

Hello, How Do You Move? is a research and performance project created by Rachel Nip, a hearing choreographer/dancer and Ammar, a Deaf choreographer/dancer. It is a duet centred on shifting perspectives and challenging limitations. The final showcase includes a site-specific structured improvisation dance performance, followed by a Q&A session that allows audiences to gain insight into a process that celebrates how dancers of different abilities communicate and create.

Follow Rachel and Ammar’s journey and track their progress online on Hello, How Do You Move’s Facebook page @SayHiWithMovement.

Sign language interpretation will be provided for all performances.

Practice Tuckshop is accessible for wheelchair users to enter the venue by the front entrance. If you require a wheelchair space or would like to understand more about transferring options, please indicate your request in the form when you book your ticket, or contact us at tuckshop@practice.org.sg.

About Practice Tuckshop
Practice Tuckshop is a creative playground for all, seeking to consistently push the boundaries of art-making and challenge the parameters of what “theatre” can be. We provide resources and support to incubate and grow diverse ideas, especially those that artistically respond to the space. #spacesmallsmalldreambigbig

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日期及时间: 09.11.2019 (7.30 pm), 16.11.2019 (4.30 pm, 7.30 pm)
时长:约 1 小时


"在咖啡馆里近距离观看这些舞者,是一次令人感动的体验......" (观众,M1戏戏节)

实堂很高兴迎来聂蔼婷和Ammar在这里发展他们的项目《Hello, How Do You Move?》。孵化过程的第一阶段已在今年8月份的”M1戏戏节”以闭门方式呈现。来临的11月,这部演出将会公开呈现,欢迎您踏入实堂参与!

《Hello, How Do You Move?》是由健听编舞者/舞者聂蔼婷和失聪编舞者/舞者Ammar共同创作的研究和表演项目。这是一出以变换观点及挑战极限为中心的双人演出。最后的成果以特定的地点,作为结构化的即兴舞蹈呈现。随后的问答环节,观众们将有机会深入了解,不同能力的舞者如何沟通以及创作。

关注@SayHiWithMovement 的脸书专页,追踪霭婷和Ammar 《Hello, How Do You Move》的创作之旅。


轮椅使用者可通过正门进入实堂。 如果您需要轮椅空间或想了解更多有关转移选项的资讯,请在订票时于表格中注明您的需求,或电邮tuckshop@practice.org.sg与我们联系。


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