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Join us for a celebratory evening as Five Key People of Influence launch their book titles!

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Our authors

Chris Milliken, Founder, PengWine

Synopsis of his book: White or Red, It's All in Your Head

Wine has been around since people first started eating fruit. Why does something as simple and ancient as fermented grape juice have so much mystique and prestige? Why are so many people intimidated by wine? And how much “common knowledge” about wine is really true?

Chris Milliken, chef, sommelier, and owner and founder of PengWine, realized that in order for wine to be truly appreciated, it must be understood. White or Red, It’s All in Your Head is a unique approach to discussing the basics of wine. How much should you pay for a bottle of wine? Why are so many wines switching from cork to screw cap? What if you don’t like a wine that someone else loves? These are just some of the interesting questions Chris answers in this book.

Whether you are new to wine or glued to tradition, White or Red, It’s All in Your Head will bring your understanding and appreciation of wine to a different level. Join Chris as he shares his journey and knowledge of wine with you.

Dorotea Brandin, Founder, Core Communication Coaching

Synopsis of her book: Speaking With Your Audience

SPEAKING WITH YOUR AUDIENCE takes you on your own à la carte preparation journey enabling you to pick and choose what you most need in each of the three key preparation areas.

- For the preparation of your mind, it stimulates you to develop ideas in a creative way so as to be passionate and convincing no matter how ‘technical’ the topic.

- For the preparation of your heart, it helps you to fine tune your awareness about attitudes and emotions. Learning to use the ‘Flexi-map’ tool, you also integrate the skills to respond in the moment to the changing mood of your live audience.

- For your physical preparation, you practice the good posture and the correct breathing techniques so as to sustain the production of voice and never get a sore throat. You also learn the difference between a flimsy eye contact and a generous, inclusive one. Far too many books on presentation skills focus only on the speaker but somehow overlook the two-way interactive dimension existing in all forms of oral communication. An audience expresses itself non-verbally at all times, and a perceptive speaker notices the predominant change of receptivity of the audience. Heartfelt Presence is about being there with your heart, receptive and responsive to what is going on around you when you communicate because you care for your listeners.

Gary Tho, Owner, ChiroWorks

Synopsis of his book: The Pain Free Desk Warrior

A must-read for anyone who spends more than 2 hours a day at their desk, “The Pain Free Desk Warrior – Free yourself from aches and pains” is the modern pocket book for urban warriors.

In a world where phones, ipads, laptops and desk life is a common reality, the number of people silently suffering from chronic neck strain, headaches, fatigue and body aches has skyrocketed. Today 70% of professionals compromise their heath tolerating pain. 

In this book, Dr Gary Tho addresses the biggest problem of all: that people think it’s normal and part of living a busy, modern life.

It’s this belief that leaves millions of people to deal with pain, affecting their energy levels, productivity, and ultimately, their quality of life. After 8 years of helping athletes, families and CEOs alike achieve peak performance, Dr Gary Tho has distilled the steps of HOW to get out of pain, even when you feel you’ve tried everything, or worse, when you’ve resigned to the fact that aches and pains are “normal”.

Tackling the biggest myths, Dr Gary provides practical, daily tips to transform your health. Often called a “miracle worker”, Dr Gary brings his understanding of the human body and “ecosystem of pain” to provide the most comprehensive and interactive guide book available, taking you through the cause of pain, how it works, and providing crystal clear tools to overcome it.

Whether you’re on the sports field or in the boardroom, this is an essential guide for anyone who has ever asked “how can I get out of pain?” or said those dreaded words “It’s not that bad. I can live with it.” 

Mette Johansson, Owner, MetaMind Training

Synopsis of her book: How to make yourself promotable

Do you think you’re made for something bigger than your current job? Are you dreaming of getting that promotion, and wanting to find out what you need to do to get there?How to make yourself promotable” is all about working on the basics to make that promotion you’re yearning for happen faster. It’s targeted especially for people who are starting to settle into their jobs and know they want more in corporate life.

Regardless of your profession and your industry, your knowledge – your hard skills – will be essential for success. However, this is usually not enough. If you only focus on hard skills, you can get stuck in a corner office as the most experienced specialist in your field. If you want team responsibility, you will be promoted because of your soft skills: people skills, attitude, and knowing how to get things done.

It is not about being perfect at everything. Rather, it is about becoming aware of the skills that are essential for stepping up the career ladder and steadily improving these to bring your promotion within reach. “How to make yourself promotable” is a trusted guide on your career journey.

Olivia Chiong, Founder, UnBusy Entrepreneur

Synopsis of her book: The UnBusy Entrepreneur

Singapore has over 250,000 SMEs including sole proprieters, partnerships and private limiteds. This means that there are over half a million small business owners, entrepreneurs and people who are self employed. How do you differentiate between self employed and someone who is a business owner? One works in their business and the other works on their business.

Over the past 15 years, Olivia Chiong has met many business owners or entrepreneurs who are actually self-employed. She discovered that most of them have the same few pain points and the number one issue that all of them complained about was being too busy. They spend too much time on the low level activities and are unable to allocate their time more efficiently to more important uses such as building the business and their brand.

Olivia wants to change the mindset of business owners and entrepreneurs in Singapore and help them become true business owners. With that in mind, she has written this book - The UnBusy Entrepreneur - how to unlock your time and make more money.


They will be there to sign your books and as always, networking opportunities!

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