Clear Visible Dot Positioning of Adjustable Focus Blue Dot Laser Alignment

When users are fallen into serious difficult to make high quality dot positioning result, it is quite a nice choice for users to make the selection of high brightness blue dot laser alignment. This advanced dot alignment tool always makes direct laser beam emission from its internal 445nm blue laser diode. As a result, when users are making dot positioning for 24 hours continuous alignment work, it is always able to make sure of high stability and high reliability dot projection for all working occasions efficiently.
Blue dot laser alignment gets the similar structure with blue laser pointer. Both are available with quite compact structure. However, very simple air cooling equipped blue laser pointer is always limited by thermal emission performance, thus it is only a very simple presentation tool, but not workable for industrial dot alignment work at all. However, when users are making selection of high brightness blue dot laser diode module, it always pays high attention to its cooling system.
Inside the tube of blue laser module, laser tech engineer just selects metal heat sink cooling system. The perfect thermal emission system can make sure of the most efficient thermal emission. Together with 16mm and 26mm diameter laser tubes, this dot laser alignment tool always gets enough space reserved as its cooling system. Although users are required to make continuous dot projection 24 hours continuously, however, laser tube is perfectly cooling down, thus always ensuring its highly stable and reliable dot positioning as expected.
Comparing with other visible red or green lasers, 445nm blue dot laser alignment always gets wide output power range of 50mW to 100mW. Once users are operating this high powered laser module, users should have to pay high attention to its laser beam stability. Before this dot measuring tool is available on the market, it always passes through extremely strict test.
According to alternative high temperature and low temperature test, rapid electric adding test, and at least 24 hours continuous laser beam emission test, once this advanced blue dot laser diode module is being used for continuous dot positioning, it has no worrying about laser beam stability. Within wide operation temperature of -10 degree to 50 degree Celsius, blue alignment laser dot projection always keeps high stability.
Within wide operation temperature, blue laser dot projection is merely affected, but always making sure of the best performance in all harsh working environments. Although exact working surface is quite difficult to reach, however, noncontact blue laser dot always takes the lowest time consumption. The noncontact blue dot can easily reach all working surfaces, thus always making sure of precise and accurate dot projection perfectly.

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