Miyazaki Shrine Grand Festival in Miyazaki City

Miyazaki Prefecture has many legends and you can feel ancient Japan.
Miyazaki shrine has a long history.
Miyazaki Shrine Grand Festival has been held once a year for about 150 years.
The shinko parade in the city is the climax. Participants in the Shinkou parade are citizens wearing ancient costumes, and warriors on horseback etc.
Various groups participate in the parade, praying for the prosperity of the region and joy together.
You can see various performances in addition to the parade.
English Speaking assistant helps you create fun memories.
We encourage you to experience this precious festival and create memories that will last a lifetime in Japan.

■JPY3,000- Pay to assistance on the spot

Depature from Miyazaki City
Saturday,October 26,2019
11:30  Meet English speaking assistant at JR Miyazaki Station.
     ※Assistant will hand over you A document introducing
      the contents of the festival
      and a map of the surrounding area where you can take a walk.
     ※We will email you a detailed map of the meeting location at a later date.
13:47  Departure from Miyazaki Station by train.
     ※Please pay JPY160- for train one way
13:49  Arrive at Miyazaki shrine Station.
 Move to the festival area on foot
 ※Please eat by yourself as it will take time for lunch
13:30  Main parade starts.
 Take a walk
     ※Looking parade, other performance, shopping in festival shops
16:30  Finish of main parade
 Move to the Miyazaki shrine Station on foot
17:00  Departure from Miyazaki shrine Station
17:03  Arrive at Miyazaki Station. End of experience.
Sat Oct 26, 2019
11:30 AM - 5:05 PM JST
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Miyazaki Shrine
Special assistance for enjoy Miyazaki Shrine Grand Festival
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宮崎県宮崎市神宮二丁目4-1 Japan
Matsuri in Kyushu(Festival in Kyushu)