Conversations:Wajahat Ali and Marina Mahathir – Who Is Entitled?

Two prominent opinion-makers speak on issues that deal with Islam, social justice and civil society. What divides the East/West? What defines us most? Is it race, religion or nationality? Why is it becoming harder to be tolerant and why do we so easily become silent in the face of terror?

Writers: Wajahat Ali, Marina Mahathir
Moderator: Umapagan Ampikaipakan

About Wajahat Ali
Wajahat Ali is a TV host, attorney and playwright. He is a journalist at Al Jazeera America. He helped launch the network as co-host of Al Jazeera America's The Stream, a daily news show that extended the conversation to social media and beyond. Ali is also the author of The Domestic Crusaders—the first major play about Muslim Americans, post-9/11. He is the lead author of the investigative report Fear Inc: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America. Witty and emphatic, he speaks on the multifaceted Muslim American experience, and an emergent generation of millennials poised for social change.

About Marina Mahathir
Marina Mahathir is a newspaper columnist, human rights activist, TV producer and founder of a women's travel website, Zafigo.com. Her activism began with 12 years as President of the Malaysian AIDS Council, and currently as a member of the Board of Sisters in Islam. She travels frequently to speak at conferences and corporate events, locally and abroad. Since 1989, she has written a bi-weekly column called Musings in The Star newspaper and has had her pieces published in 50 days: Rantings by MM (2009) and Telling It Straight (2012).

Sat Nov 28, 2015
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM MYT
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