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As always, this approach has its buy wow gold pluses and minuses. So there you go. All sketches for pieces of green quality you can buy from the vendor. Further - more fun.
The point is that after reaching 575 skill points are available to you special spells, allowing to carry out the study. As a buy wow gold result, you can open a sketch that allows faceted stone "blue" quality. The load you will get a couple of already cut stones "blue" quality. In order to lead a study should be three "blue" harvesting one species, for example, yellow or green.

The problem is that the spell has a daily cooldown. You can get around, but for this you need a spirit buy wow gold of harmony, rare BOP component. How does this affect the process of leveling skills?. The scheme is very simple.

Purchases of iron ore Ghost, sift and get a bunch of "green" and "blue" blanks. Granite "green" as they bring skill points buy wow gold. This can be done until at least 575, but experience has shown that you can hang on till 580. "CT" blanks falls not so much, but in general the chance to obtain a sufficiently high.

For each survey you get the three points to the skill. For faceting stones buy wow gold on the "blue" sketch, the resulting study added two more points. My experiments beta server showed the following results. Of the eight stacks of iron ore Ghost Sift workpiece 53 "green" and about six "blue" quality.

Bleed the skill to "green" up to 578, I conducted a study and then three more restriction "blue" stone. Then nafarmil ten stacks of ore and repeated screening, received about the same number of stones on the exhaust. In other words, twenty-two stacks of ore allowed to raise the skill level of buy wow gold 586 for twenty minutes. shte a couple of points.
Sketches for processing metakamney world are mules and drop from mobs of Pandaria. In order to produce them need to have the skill level 575 and have another alchemist, because they have a product transmutation. The second important point - in the usual quality faceting stones may buy wow gold proc and then you get a pebble equal to the parameters faceted "blue" stones. All of this is taken into account in the game on the market.
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