Networking Monday with Melissa Ng


Key Person of Influence (KPI) Networking Monday November

Why Your Customer Should Be Your Best Friend (and what that really means...)

Sometimes, dealing with customers can feel like walking out into a battlefield. Sometimes they're difficult, sometimes they're demanding, but you need them so you grit your teeth and carry on.

Don't do that. Your customer should be your best friend - after all, you both share a mutual interest: you have what they want, and they have what you want. A business is at its best when built around its customers.

In this talk, user experience (UX) specialist Melissa Ng will go through actionable and practical user experience methods to adjust your approach and turn your customer from a foe into your best friend. Understanding their needs, wants, goals, and frustrations are a few things that help you better respond and communicate with them.

And hey, wouldn’t it be so much easier to build up a successful business with friends than enemies?


About KPI Networking Monday

KPI Networking Monday is a monthly get together of small business owners, executives and thought leaders to network and build new connections. Hosted monthly by Key Person of Influence Singapore, we shine the spotlight on an interesting presenter doing amazing things in their respective field to share some of their wisdom and leave the audience with practical takeaways and more importantly, ideas for their business they can work on.
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Mon Nov 9, 2015
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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Marco Marco 23 Circular Rd, Singapore 049379
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