Fruits in Suits Arts Night #1: Two Short Films on LGBT and Diversity Issues

ENTRANCE FEE includes full buffet dinner and two drinks. Event time at lounge is 3 hours. So, there is time to relax, unlike the usual two-hour requirement.

Hello FinS members! We are having our first Fruits in Suits Arts Night!
Many of our members pursue artistic endeavors, and we'd like to also hold events that showcase some of these projects.

We are pleased to be screening two award-winning short films created and produced by FinS members that highlight LGBT and diversity issues.

The Other Side of a Smiling Face, directed by Yoshiaki Sajima
(Japanese w/ English subtitles, 43mins.)
Created in 2013, Sajima's first mid-length film casts actors from small-stage theater. A story of a group of young gay men who, while agonizing over love and friendship as young people do, mature and find themselves. 2014 Grand Prix winner of the 23rd Tokyo LGBT Film Festival.

Keisuke is selling his body to men. Shinji is angry and fed up with both work and private life. The two meet in 2-chome, and grow close. Through Keisuke and his friends, Shinji's outlook and mood become brighter. And Keisuke, who was not really able to love anyone--probably because he's selling himself--also gradually begins to change. But Keisuke doesn't tell Shinji what he does, and Shinji finds out.....

The director will be present at the event, and over dinner we will have an informal Q&A.

Born With It, directed by Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, executive produced by Loren Fykes
(Japanese w/ English subtitles, 17min.)
"Born With It" is a short film about a half Japanese half black boy that is convinced by his Japanese peers that his dark skin is a sickness. The film was made to bring awareness to the identity crisis many bi-racial kids face.

Most recently the film won the award for BEST FILM and GREATEST SOCIAL IMPACT at the 10th Annual NBCUniversal Short Film Festival. In addition to this, the film also won the Audience Award at the Japan Film Society's LA EigaFest and Honorable Mention for Best Short Film at the Toronto Film Festival (Kids Section).



笑顔の向こう側 由昭佐島監督




うまれつき  by エマニュエル・オセー・クフォーJr.    

「BORN WITH IT」は、アフリカ系日本人の小学生ケイスケが、日本人との見た目の違いを少しずつ受け入れていく様子を描いた短編映画。ストーリーは、彼の初登校日から始まる。休み時間に男子生徒の輪の中に入ろうとすると、そのうちの一人がおびえた表情でケイスケに出ていくように伝える。その理由を尋ねたところ、彼の肌の色が違うのは病気だからだと…。ケイスケは同級生、そして自分自身のためにも何も問題はないと証明しようとする。


ENTRANCE FEE includes:

Full dinner and two drinks.

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Wed Nov 18, 2015
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM JST
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