5 Nov (Thu) 7pm to 9pm

Free Internet Marketing Seminar

This is a 2 hour Free Seminar designed for aspiring entrepreneurs.

What you can expect at the event:

  • Learn the Tactics to jump start your Online Business
  • Learn How to Avoid Common Mistakes made by newbies
  • Learn How to Make High Ticket Sales
  • Learn How to Optimize and Automate your Sales Funnel
  • Learn How to Leverage systems
  • Receive a Free Gift
Successful people Take Actions While Others Watch!! If you are willing to put in effort there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals.
Q: Would it be possible for me to take along a friend or business partner?
A: Yes, this is possible. Please make sure that you register the people you will bring with you.
Q: Does my age, educational background matter?
A: No, it doesn't. Our oldest student is 85 years "young" and definitely not computer savvy
Q: Is this event really free?
A: Yes, it is absolutely free to come and learn at the event
Q: Do I need any experience in order to understand what is being taught at the event?
A: No, we'll teach you exactly what to do, step by step how to generate a full time income in your spare time.
Q: What kinds of persons come to these workshops?
A: Retirees or soon-to-be-retired, college students who don't want typical corporate jobs, stay-at-home mums with a few hours to spare per day, corporate executives looking for second stream of income or want to get out of the Rat Race.

Q: How much time do I need to spend per day?
A: Typically between 1 to 2 hour per day.

Q: Do I need to have good computer skills?
A: You only need basic computer skills such as emailing and navigating websites.

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Thu Nov 5, 2015
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM GMT
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Holiday Inn London at Regent's Park
Venue Address
Carburton St, London W1W 5EE United Kingdom
Free Internet Marketing Seminar in London (3 to 5 Nov 2015)