STEP 2 -Evening class M mode here we come!

This class will give you the key to release yourself from the chains of shooting in AUTO. It's quite exciting :)

So you have made it through a beginner class. Well done ! There was quite a bit of theory to digest. Now you are ready to join this liberating next class.

It will hopefully all become more relevant as we work through the Exposure triangle, Depth of Field and the relevance of motion. Then we are ready to switch our cameras to M mode!!

We will practice indoors and then we may head outdoors( weather permitting) for a mini street photography session where we start to put the new knowledge into practice straight away. So please bring a tripod or let me know and I can lend you mine.

Of course all questions are welcome. There will be time for some 1:1 help and we will take it nice and slow so everyone can get the most out of this class.

If you have some photography experience already, but did not take my beginner class, then you are most welcome to join this Step 2 class. Expected knowledge is an understanding of lenses, focal length, AF ( mode and points) metering and white balance.

All you need for this class is your camera + your favourite lens and a tripod. Plus paper and pen. Wine and snacks optional :)

Thu Nov 19, 2015
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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Photography by Sandra Macheroux