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Episode 1


Yeah, so we’re a bit late in putting this month’s speakers’ profile up, but hey, in the land of MalaysiaBoleh, better late than never, kan?

First up we have Nadira Mohd Yusoff, who’s the ultimate wonder-woman of a serial entrepreneur. Multiple award winning aside, leading various NGOs aside, Nadira has started several companies spanning across different industries like education, talent development, edutainment and more. A power house of a lady, Nadira’s companies have successfully penetrated the Asian market into countries like Japan, India, Philippines and more, and she will be the right person to answer all your market expansion and strategic partnership questions, and also what it takes to be a woman in a predominantly man-full profession.

Ok, while we’re still trying to hustle some free food (fine-dining yaw!)from the next speaker, let me just give you a heads up on this spunky lady first. Sherena Razaly was mommy’s little cookie baker since the early days, and seriously, I don’t know how she leaped into studying architecture (ok, maybe her cookies are house-shaped?). Having studied abroad, like any good Malaysian (boo to those losers who don’t come back to the mother land citing bad leadership. Ok, they got a point Jibby), she returned home to work both as an architect (duh) and project manager for several years. Then, BOOM! a big change in the market forces her to rediscover her passion for food, and that’s how Enak KL came about. Today, Enak KL, strategically (and lavishly) located at Starhill Gallery, shows guests from all around the world how a kickass Malay fine dining should be like. Yums!

Last but not least, we can’t have an all-women show, right? So we roped in another serial entrepreneurs who started his first business at 9 years old (seriously, what were you doing at nine?), and went on start, manage and own over 150 companies around the world! Paul Jones Entrepreneur is one of the craziest people I know because he LOVES entrepreneurship so much that he legally changed his last name to Entrepreneur! No shit! From jewellery to men’s clothing, call centres to logistics, this guy has done it all! He told me the fuckups he had must be told over 5 seasons of Games of Thrones, but he promised to keep the best of the best for us.

What a power line up, kan? Well, the wait it worth it, and I got that epic tinkling in my balls just imagining the quality of fuckup wisdom we’re gonna get in one night! Bbrrrrrrrr!

So grab your tix, and see you at the show!


Maverick Foo
Co-Host, FuckUpNights KL

p.s. If you’re offended with the F word, sorry yo. It’s an international franchise, so we can’t anyhow change it to Epic Fail Nights. Seriously, that doesn’t even sound catchy!

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