Conscious Movement: Mindful Stretching Class

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Conscious Movement is a weekly class that will feature a mixture of movement modalities for those who want to be more active in a mindful way and bring more life force energy into their meridians, chakras and strengthen their core.

Each week a different facilitator will offer a series of exercises inspired by the ancient Hindu tradition of yoga, stretches based on the Taoist Five Elements and Pilates.
This week Marixi Salud will be facilitating: The Mindful Stretching Class.

**The introductory price for this class is $17.

Mindful Stretching Class

We go about our daily activities using our mind and body but usually in a disconnected way. Our mind is the driver and our bodies relegated to just being the vehicle sometimes pushed beyond its limits toward imbalance, injury and illness.

With Mindful Stretching we will :

1. Bring awareness to the act of stretching our tight muscles to restore physical balance, lubricate joints and maintain healthy muscle tone.

2. Direct awareness to emotions, energy, or uncomfortable experiences that get stored within our body that is needing release.

3. Practice loving relationship with our bodies.

With every exercise you can begin to restore balance to your physical and inner life. Expect to do simple and familiar stretching exercises, some core exercises, and meditation. This one hour class will be facilitated with guided prompts for mindful practice.

This is a low impact class, open to all ages, and any fitness level. Come in exercise clothes, bring a towel and water.

About Your Facilitator:

Marixi Buhay Salud is a trained life and mind-body coach. She is passionate in helping people learn ways of discovering and embracing their inner wisdom by cultivating a robust mind body connection. She loves movement, plays tennis, practices Pilates, swims, and dances. In order to balance these active exercises she does mindful stretching as a self care habit. Come and join her and try out this delightful -mind body in harmony - experience.

You can find out more about her at www.marixisalud.com

Fri Oct 30, 2015
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM SGT
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