Deep Kamakura - Tea Ceremony (with Wagashi Making Demonstration) and Zen Temple Tour ひみつの鎌倉:茶道体験(和菓子作デモ付)と禅寺ツアー(英語)


Your Tour:

Come discover deep Kamakura! Join a 4-hour tour with local guide, Marian. She will pick you up at Kita-Kamakura Station (one stop before Kamakura station) and take you to places many first-timers never find. This tour starts and ends at the West Exit of JR Kita-Kamakura Station. The tour includes
a demonstration of the tea ceremony while explaining the reasons behind each step. Gain a window into the Japanese mind through the tea ceremony. Experiencing tea ceremony at 85 years old authentic tea house, Houan will be memorable for sure. Demonstration of Wagashi making by a local wagashi artist is a bonus. After lunch, the tour ends with a visit to Engaku-ji Temple, one of the leading Zen temples in Eastern Japan and the second of Kamakura's five great Zen temples.

Tour Includes:

Tea Ceremony with Wagashi Making Demonstration (1h) @Houan
Bento Box Lunch at old folkhouse by local caterer using local ingredients (0.75h) @Takara-no-niwa
Guided Tour of Engaku-ji Temple with Marian (1h)

About the Guide:

Marian Kinoshita:
Marian Kinoshita was born and raised in the U.S. She has lived in Japan for a total of 25 years, in Nagoya, Fukuoka, Osaka and Fujisawa. She established MDK Translations, Inc. in 2008, a small company that provides business, technical and cultural translations. Marian likes to think of herself as a “Japan concierge,” resolving language and cultural issues, introducing her favorite aspects of the country, and generally helping people enjoy their stay. When not translating or guiding visitors, she often goes hiking in Kamakura, adding a new stamp in her goshuin-cho and searching for beautiful tenugui!

About the Instructor - Tea Ceremony:

Southi Yokoyama
Professor of the Omotesenke school of tea ceremony. She began her practice inspired by her parents. A pupil of tea master, Sogo Yoshimizu, she owns her own tea house, Ryoushouken in Setagaya, Tokyo and teaches tea ceremony across the Kanto region. Vice president of Japanese Traditions Preservation Association. Organizes Omotesenke tea ceremony club at the Houan in Kita-Kamakura. She strives not only to preserve the traditional tea ceremony but also to spread the enjoyment of tea by offering classes allowing casual clothing and settings with tables and chairs.

Kiyo Kubo 空羽〜kuu〜 : Wagashi Making Demonstration
A former pupil of Yuko Misonoi, CEO of Temari Wagashi studio. After being an assistant and an instructor at Temari, she started her own wagashi brand, 空羽〜kuu〜 in Kamakura. A certified cook and medicinal cooking advisor, she has been catering for a traditional Japanese delicatessen as well as teaching wagashi making.

About the Venue:

Houan is an authentic tea house in the forested valley behind Jochiji Temple bulit in 1934, by an owner who adored Jochiji Valley and a young, energetic architect. Built on the large spread of land on the foot of the mountain, Houan features a “sukiya” tea house with eight-mat and four-mat tea rooms surrounded by a roji-style dry garden, a separate small “koma” tea house with thatched roof and a two-mat room, and a sweet-water well. Just an hour out of Tokyo in Kita-Kamakura. Come feel a connection to the nature of our forested valley. A reminder of old Kamakura.

About Lunch:

Our local lunch caterer Suetei believes that using seasonal ingredients is the key to making her dishes magical. From her kitchen in Kita-Kamakura, she brings out daily special bento lunchboxes, filled with locally acquired, fresh seasonal ingredients. Her bentos have captured the hearts (and stomachs) of many a Kamakuraian. Her knowledge of yakuzen cuisine adds a special flavor to her dishes. You may enjoy her bento in Tatami-room or outside in the garden

The Fee Includes:

English Guide
Tea Ceremony Experience
Wagashi Making Demonstration
Transportation Fee During the Tour
Entrance Fee for Engaku-ji Temple
Bento Box Lunch


Age: 6+ (Minors must be accompanied by a guardian)

Please Bring:
Comfortable Shoes and Clothes to Walk
Rain Gear (if necessary)   
Socks (to enter tea house)

Important Notes:

For ages 6-12, we will refund 200 yen. Please let us know in advance.

Meeting and Departing Point:

West exit of JR Kita-Kamakura Station. Look out for Marian with Kamakura Mind logo.

Cancellation Policy:

No refund available 72 hours prior to the experience due to preparation.
Please note that cancellation fees will be charged according to the regulation by Peatix.
The tour will be canceled when in case we do not have 5 participants by 3 days before the tour.
If canceling an experience due to a natural disaster or other circumstances beyond our control becomes necessary, we will inform you at least 24 hours prior to start.

Sun Oct 20, 2019
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM JST
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JR Kita Kamakura Station
Oct. 20 Tea Ceremony & Temple Tour SOLD OUT ¥12,000
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