Build Your Own Instrument (Oct 18; Ages 5-10 yrs)

"Tomorrow's Imagineers Workshop Series"

About the Series :

'Today's Tinkerers. Tomorrow's Imagineers.' is a series of fun, creative workshops involving children and parents. They are designed to develop your child's unique Imagination and Creativity through playing and tinkering with a broad range of technologies.

'Today's Tinkerers. Tomorrow's Imagineers.' builds a strong early foundation for Future Skills including Computational Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking, etc.

Workshop Details :

Love playing guitars or drums? Wouldn't it be amazing if you and your child could build those instruments? Come, have your child hone their musical and technical senses at "Build Your Own Instrument" by Imagin8ors.

As a parent and child team you will tap into your artistic senses to create your very own muscial instruments from a wide range of craft materials. Create anything from guitars to drums and personalise them in any style you want.

What good is an instrument that does not make music? Bring them to life using copper wires and music software Makey-Makey! After creating your very own fully functioning musical instrument with your child, unleash your inner muscian as a parent-child band and jam away!

How it Works:

  • Your child and you will create personalized instrument in any style you can imagine using craft materials.
  • As a parent-child team, learn to use Makey-Makey to bring your instrument to life.
  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Our facilitators will be there to guide you at every step of the way.
  • Bring out the musician in you and have fun making music with your child.

Please note: that you would need to bring your lap-top (any laptop model is ok) for the activity. We will provide the other tools and templates that would be needed for the activities.

Our Team:

Imagin8ors is an exciting Education Technology startup backed by SPH, Infocomm Investments and PlugandPlay (a leading technology accelerator based in Silicon Valley), among others. We have collaborated with leading organizations like NTUC Learning Hub, Science Center, One Maker Group, etc. to co-create / support creative programs.

Our programs have been designed by accomplished Educators, Makers, Innovators and Technologists. Visit www.imagin8ors.com for more details on our team.

We have highly engaged and qualified facilitators, carefully selected from a pool of candidates who are talented, love working with children and who believe in the importance of developing creativity and imagination.

We are trained to guide and support children and parents to assure a highly enjoyable experience throughout.

What our participants say about us

Ishika, age 9: "I loved making my own characters and making stories while having fun."

Alex, father of 3 & 5 year old: "Great mix of hands-on & digital activities, my kids really loved it and so did I."

Event Summary

Date : Sunday, 18th Oct 2015

Time : 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

Venue: IDA Labs,National Design Center, 111 Middle Road #03-04, 188969 Singapore

Cost: $49 (1 child & parent team) $89 (2 children & a parent)

Age group: Recommended for 5 to 10 years old

Note: Please bring a laptop (any model, PC or Mac are ok) for the activity. We will provide the other tools and templates that may be needed for the activities.


Why does my child need to develop his/her imagination and creativity?

Each child is incredibly creative, but research shows that creativity scores drop dramatically as children grow up in an education system that is designed to be structured with a focus on building knowledge. Please watch the most popular TED Talk ever on the subject on creativity by Sir Ken Robinson.

In today's rapidly changing world with where content knowledge is becoming a commodity and with increasing automation, imagination and creativity become potentially the most important foundation that we need to build in children. By nurturing your child's imagination and creativity, you will help him find his/her own way toward happiness and prepare him/her for the challenges of the future.

Why are Imagin8ors experiences different from other workshops?

We believe that learning should be personalized to each child, so we have a least one facilitator for two children during our experiences, and we give them enough freedom to express their own personality in what they make. We also believe, based on research, that self-learning and interests based activities are the best methods to provide deeper learning for children, so we give few instructions. Facilitators inspire you to find the solutions to your problems, but without giving ready-to-consume answers.

What is the benefit of participating in the workshop with my child?

You would agree that parents have a key role to play in a child's learning and creative development. In fact OECD published research shows that genuine parent engagement and interest when children are growing up can have a sgnificant impact on the child's PISA test scores when they are 15 years old. You could read Tom Friedman's article on the subject.

We design our workshops to help you be a co-learner and a coach. You play and create together with your child and build this strong relationship around learning in a meaningful and fun way. Our previous participants have really appreciated the quality bonding time they had with their children.

I have no experience in electronics. How will I help my child during the experience?

We designed the experience for you and your child to be co-learners. You don’t need any background or experience in electronics to use Makey Makey. Our facilitators will guide you through the whole processes so that all you’ll have to do is tinker, imagine and create together!

Note: Imagin8ors reserves the right to cancel the experience should a minimum of 3 participants not be met. Refunds will be made accordingly.

Sun Oct 18, 2015
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM SGT
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IDA Labs, National Design Centre 111 Middle Road #03-04, Singapore 188969
1 Parent + 1 Child SOLD OUT $49.00
1 Parent + 2 Child SOLD OUT $89.00
Venue Address
IDA Labs, National Design Centre 111 Middle Road #03-04, 188969 Singapore Singapore