Women in Film - Film Screenings 24 Oct, Saturday


The Women in Film & Photography Showcase at Objectifs is a tribute to the artists, photographers and filmmakers who have created works that tell stories with impact, break boundaries and inspire us. In this edition, we turn our focus to Asia, and will be featuring the works of 25 Asian women photographers and filmmakers.

In this inaugural edition of Women in Film, selected films from Singaporeans Kirsten Tan and Sun Koh, Thai Pimpaka Towira and Japanese Naoko Ogigami will be featured. Ranging from short experimental films to feature documentaries, the screenings illustrate their unique voices and independent filmmaking spirit. Two films, Roxy and Sussane (dir. Kirsten Tan) and Drem of Gerontius (dir. Sun Koh) will have its World Premiere at Women in Film.

All screenings are held at the Objectifs Chapel Gallery. Go to http://www.objectifs.com.sg/women-in-film/ for more information about the programme.

Programme Schedule

Short Films of Kirsten Tan / 24 October, Saturday / 8pm / 94 min / M18

Post screening Q&A with Kirsten Tan

1. 10 Minutes Later / 11 min / 2006 / PG

Determinism is the philosophical doctrine which claims that every physical event, including human cognition and action, is causally determined by an unbroken chain of prior occurrences. Based on this theory, 10 Minutes Later is a short film that tells the tale of 10 characters – of their habits; quirks and relations. And most importantly, their interweaving lives. This film is a medley of characters. It is a slice, a dice, a mishmash of life.

2. Fonzi / 24 min / 2007 / PG

A world-within-world story, "Fonzi" is the tale of a movie character who, like Pinocchio, wants to be a real person. Except Fonzi takes it one step further, and believes herself real when she isn't. And unlike Pinocchio, (who had Disney and magic), Fonzi can never be real.

3. Come / 21 min / 2007 / M18

A sex comedy about 4 members in a Korean family. Mother is a strict religious catholic; Father is henpacked; Sejung is a liberal Arts student, and Jaeho just discovered masturbation. A not so introspective piece on Sex, God and pornography.

4. Cold Noodles / 7 min / 2010 / PG

Events conspire against O, flagrantly tempting Fate by eating ramen on a fire escape in just his underwear on a bitterly cold day in New York. A stray gust slams shut his window, leaving him stranded. He scrambles down to the sidewalk, only to find every door and window locked - then a body falls out of the sky.

5. Roxy & Sussane / 14 min / PG

Roxy and Sussane documents the life and relationship of an elderly couple as they go about their daily chores.

6. Dahdi / 18 min / 2014 / PG

An elderly widow finds an unexpected visitor, a young asylum-seeking girl, in her home during dinner. Inspired by a 2012 event, whereby 40 Burmese Rohingya asylum seekers arrived in the port of Singapore.

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