Women in Film - Film Screenings 23 Oct, Friday


The Women in Film & Photography Showcase at Objectifs is a tribute to the artists, photographers and filmmakers who have created works that tell stories with impact, break boundaries and inspire us. In this edition, we turn our focus to Asia, and will be featuring the works of 25 Asian women photographers and filmmakers.

In this inaugural edition of Women in Film, selected films from Singaporeans Kirsten Tan and Sun Koh, Thai Pimpaka Towira and Japanese Naoko Ogigami will be featured. Ranging from short experimental films to feature documentaries, the screenings illustrate their unique voices and independent filmmaking spirit. Two films, Roxy and Sussane (dir. Kirsten Tan) and Drem of Gerontius (dir. Sun Koh) will have its World Premiere at Women in Film.

All screenings are held at the Objectifs Chapel Gallery. Go to http://www.objectifs.com.sg/women-in-film/ for more information about the programme.

Programme Schedule

Short Films of Pimpaka Towira / 23 October, Friday / 8pm / 114 min

Post screening Q&A with Pimpaka Towira

1. Under Taboo / 9 min / 1992

From a very young age, we are indoctrinated with taboos, told not to mention certain things even though they are neither illegal nor anti­social, forbidden to ask anything about these "shameful and nasty" matters. Why does something normal become abnormal?

2. Mae Nak / 33 min / 1997

Mae Nak is an experimental take on the folk legend of the ghost Mae Nak Phrakanong. The story is told from the viewpoint of the ghost, instead of the perspective from the terrorised villagers who are scared of the vengeful spirit of the woman who died in childbirth.

3. Tune In / 20 min / 2005 / PG

Tune In details the journey of a young woman at Phuket island, where her dreams and the truth of life return to her once again.

4. Terribly Happy / 30 min / 2010 / PG

A young soldier stationed in the troubled southern Thai region is on his annual leave to his hometown in Udorn Thani. Upon his return, he finds out that his girlfriend has settled with a new western lover in their village. He blames it on his chosen military career, and starts to get angry at her and everyone around him. But his sister reminds him that forgiveness is not a difficult thing to do, but it has to start from within.

5. My Father / 22 min / 2010 / PG

In a rural Thai village, a small family’s Father is forced to quit his job as a train station janitor because of his protest letter to the authority. As the family is struggling to make ends meet, he refuses to keep his mouth shut in order to just get on with their daily lives. Instead, he decides to head off to Bangkok in search of justice and joins the mass rally. After the 19 May 2010 incident in the capital, father returns to his quiet hometown not only as a loser, but also with a deep wound in his heart from his failures.

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