Screening: Singapore Stories

By Discovery Networks Asia Pacific

Directed by Singaporean documentary talent, five films capture the zeitgeist of an emerging Singapore. From a daily battle with birds on Orchard Road, urban farming, and the art of card flourishing; to a celebration of one of Singapore’s oldest housing estates and the creation of the island nation's first-ever marine park, these topics – told from the filmmakers’ unique perspectives – showcase the new directions that are setting the themes for a brand new Singapore, confident of its next stage as a nation that has just entered its 50th year of independence. These documentaries are part of Discovery Channel's on-going First Time Filmmakers initiative, which is targeted at up-and-coming directors.


This part-science, part-observational documentary offers a quirky perspective on an age-old turf war waged between man and nature. In the heart of one of Singapore’s most famous tourist destinations, thousands of birds swoop and squawk over shoppers’ heads on Orchard Road each day. To tackle the birds and the problems they cause, a businessman harnesses the expertise of a motley crew – comprising avian researchers, an event designer, an arborist, and a pest controller – in an effort to identify the cause of this daily bird movement and perhaps come up with a solution. The race is on to strike a uniquely Singaporean high-wire act that balances modernity with nature, all in time for the 30th annual Orchard Road Christmas Light Up.


WILD CARDS casts the spotlight on a Singapore-based collective that practices the specialized art of card flourishing. To date, Virtuoso (a.k.a. The Virts) has managed to garner an international following of more than 52,000 people. But how far can a Singaporean brand go in an international scene that is dominated by superstar personalities? This behind-the-scenes documentary examines how these innovative performer entrepreneurs are managing to harness the internet economy to extend their reach beyond the shores of Singapore, and develop new business models to share their passion for their craft with the world.


This documentary showcases the people behind the urban farms that have been mushrooming amidst the glass and steel towers of Singapore’s concrete jungle. It follows the trials and tribulations of Comcrop’s Allan Lim and his vertical farming venture, as well as the challenges and triumphs of Edible Garden City's Bjorn Low as he works to spread the seeds of farming knowledge. Can cutting-edge agricultural technology and an enduring Singapore spirit of community and collaboration start to influence Singaporeans’ approach to food sustainability? GROWING ROOTS captures this changing mindscape.


Off the shores, away from the glittering skyline of the city, Singapore maintains one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. Yet its waters hide a little-known secret: a rich bio-habitat harbouring diverse marine life, including a species long thought to be globally extinct. This documentary follows the visionary partnership of Singapore planners, scientists and nature-lovers who are coming together to create the island nation’s first-ever marine park in the waters around Sisters’ Island, one of Singapore’s remaining coral reefs.


Built in 1958, Dakota Crescent is one of Singapore’s oldest public housing estates. It still stands, in spite of an ever-modernising landscape. The vintage design of the blocks and even its old-school playground have attracted a new generation of Singaporeans eager to relive the country’s nostalgic past. HEARTLAND captures how two young heritage buffs and a café owner band together with the community, to celebrate a unique neighbourhood in its last remaining days. This film is a portrait of the Singaporean kampong (village) spirit, showcasing how social memories bring people together and how they cope with change.

There will be a short interval between each episodes.

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Sat Oct 10, 2015
2:30 PM - 5:30 PM SGT
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