FuckupNights KL

Pilot Episode feat. Irwin Go & Daniel Cerventus

Ok if you wanna read about the official FuckupNights description and/or watch the explainer video, go here.

The way we run things here, it has gotta be localized, yaw! Yup, though FuckupNights is a global movement that has gone beyond 100 cities in less than 3 years, cos we’re awesomely Malaysian, we gotta owned it!

So for the first FuckupNights KL, we’re gonna be featuring a few now successful ex-fuckuppers who made it through the rut, built and rebuilt their businesses, and rock it big time! But what failures specifically had once pin them down on the floor? What mistakes they made that crippled them and made them almost give up their ventures? How did they overcome heartaches, depression and “divorce” letters from their business partnerships? Raw and uncut, just like the way we crave for.

Joining us for our first ever FuckupNights KL are:

Daniel is pretty much one of the guy behind the wildly successful TEDxKL and her various spin offs. An entrepreneur since his uni days, he would say he had fucked up big time, lost lots of money, and even got into hostile face offs! What keeps him going year after year for a non-profit cause (he admitted to me there are years they suffered from losses too), and how did he overcome his failures?

Irwin’s cred sheet is one for the Oscars. Serial entrepreneur, party with celebrities (not Jho Low), trainer, mentor and coach some more! But you wouldn’t know he was once bankrupt. Epic fuckup to most people, but this dude climbed up from the deep endless hole he fell into, dust off, suit up and back to conquering the world! #mancrush!

We may have one or two more speakers coming to join us, so better grab you tix first!

We’re still beta-ing this entirely new concept of event (let’s face it, being Malaysians, our *ahem* education system has made it so that talking about failures is bad), hence we’re capping the registrations. Book your seat only you can really make it, or it’s gonna break my heart. :( I’m vulnerable.

Oh, so what’s gonna happen at the event you ask? Well, each speaker will have about 10 minutes talking about their (epic)fuckups and what they learn from it, and then we’ll break into a deep dive grilling session where me and you get to ask them the tough questions, personal challenges they still face, and the bestest strategies that they would part for the next fuckupper.

Sound awesome kan? Because it is! See you there!

Maverick Foo
Co-Host, FuckUpNights KL

p.s. If you’re offended with the F word, sorry yo. It’s an international franchise, so we can’t anyhow change it to Epic Fail Nights. Seriously, that doesn’t even sound catchy!

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Thu Oct 8, 2015
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM MYT
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