SweetSales! Behavioral Selling


Super charge your sales with SweetSales!

You can control your sales process! You can start to better understand prospects, their weaknesses, and how they react. Increase your sales by learning to recognize and adapt to key behavioral traits at this half-day interactive workshop.

Learn how to better partner with the customer instead of pushing a sales agenda. In Dr. David Sweet’s popular workshop, he will go through the process of understanding of how you sell, understanding your client’s needs and adapt to customer’s differences. After signing up, you will be sent a DiSC profile in English or Japanese. Then in this dynamic workshop, learn the DiSC model, discover how you sell and why other people buy. You’ll also reduce miscommunication and develop positive relationships ultimately putting more money in your wallet.

"If I would have had this training when I started selling, I would have found success so much sooner."

"Thanks to Dr. Sweet, my sales have doubled since the training. He really taught me to understand my clients."

People who should attend

Sales Directors / Sales Managers / Account Managers

Outside / Inside Sales Representatives, Marketing Directors

Anyone who would like to learn how to recognize his/her customer’s behavioral style, learn how to adapt, and increase his/her chances for success


Dr. Sweet started selling when he was 8 years old. Since then, he has navigated the bureaucratic and political mazes of the U.S. Government and worked a decade in Asia. In Japan, he also started the important mental disciplines of karate and running ultra-marathons—a combination that has become a good defense mechanism in case of a poor sales call. He is a noted keynote speaker, seminar leader, and author who seldom finds the need to pull out his black belt or run out of sales meetings. He is the ManagingDirector of Focus Core K.K.

He holds a Ph.D. in Leadership Development and a Master’s degree in Language and Communications. He is also a noted author of Sweet Sales and Recruit! Becoming the Top Biller.


Part 1

Selling approaches
1. Four types of selling approaches
2. Discovering your selling approach
3. It’s about your customer, not you
4. Effect

Part 2

What is behavioral selling?
1. A working definition
2. Finding a simple, common language
3. Does it work in Japan?

Part 3

Buyer motivation
1. Approaches
2. Importance to buyers
3. Driving to a purchase

Part 4

Your style and reading customers
1. Learning to read people
2. Two important questions to ask
3. Four quadrants
4. Warnings to remember

Part 5

Communication and body language
1. Using available information for understanding you buyer
2. Beyond the questions:
3 tools to understanding your buyer

Part 6

DISC in action
1. Video examples & practice
2. Profile attributes
3. The typical job title
4. Do’s and Don’t’s in selling to each type

Part 7

Putting your ideas into action
1. Working with a key customer
2. Action plans

Held in English

Wed Nov 18, 2015
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM JST
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Standard SOLD OUT ¥24,000
Venue Address
2-1-3 Kyobashi, Chuou-ku, Tokyo 104-0031 Japan
David Sweet