Strategy Games - Teaching Kids with Learning and Attention Issues to FOCUS

Kids sometimes have trouble paying attention. It happens, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this and it is absolutely not the fault of the kid. So it falls on us as educators to make sure that our pupils are able to learn despite these difficulties. Come listen as our speaker, Dr. Mark Nowacki, show you how to get around these issues and engage the kids using strategy games to teach the kids skills and good decision making. Dr. Mark Nowacki is the co-founder of LogicMills, developed many different methodologies to better teach, all backed up with decades of experience in teaching any level of age or experience.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Mark Nowacki is the co-founder of LogicMills Learning Centre Pte Ltd and has been teaching on all skill levels from young children to corporate professionals. He has been teaching for several decades and has amassed a truly impressive wealth of experience in teaching and has since pioneered several new methodologies such as gamification, IACE and MTM, all of which have been consistently verified to provide meaningful improvement for learners.
Sat Sep 7, 2019
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT
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Second Hospital Avenue, #03-01 Health Promotion Board, 168937, No. 3 Singapore