Nutripuncture® - Basic Certification Program - Module 1/3

Nutripuncture® Basic Certification Program
Singapore - Module 1/3

Registration for course is for module 1. Registration for the 3 modules go directly on our website.
The basic level certification class runs over 5 full days.The last day will cover revision and is followed by a 2 hours test on the same day. It is open to all participants.
Full program dates :- Module 1 on Sept 19th /20th 2015 - (2 full days)
- Module 2 on October 10th /11th 2015 - (2 full days)
- Module 3 on October 31st 2015 - (1 full day)

Registration fee :
Basic Certification Program - Module 1/3: $600*
*(Includes course attendance, mornings and afternoons break refreshments, course materials and one welcome pack)

Packages: more information on our website

For more information on classes and curriculum visit our website www.nutripuncture.com/sg and go to Workshops & Classes

Fully recognised as a well-being profession in Europe, Nutripuncture® is a tool to support vitality and improve quality of life for many people around the world. Becoming a "certified therapist" can complement the work of health practitioners & several other professions in their practice. Many individuals attend the training for personal devel.

Course description:

The full basic training course, divided in 3 modules, focuses on presenting the modality in its whole and give key answers on how it was discovered, how it works in the body and how to use it.

The objective of this course is:

- To give the participant a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts of Nutripuncture, developed around the knowledge of Eastern Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine) combined with Western scientific researches and discoveries on cells communication.

- To teach the participant how to use and apply Nutripuncture® as a tool to achieve wellness and vitality for themselves, their client and people around them.

The principles of Chinese Traditional Medicine, with the meridian system and vital currents, defines a map of the human body where energy and electromagnetic information flow.
When disrupted, this flow is faced with blockages and results in preventing the body to auto-regulate and fix itself. It then becomes the ground for the manifestation of functional, organic and emotional disorders.

Molecular biology researches* have shown that cellular communication, stimulated with trace elements, enables the transmission of specific information though these energetic pathways.

Nutripuncture® consists of trace minerals blends. Combined in specific ways, they enable the transmission of an energetic specific message to targeted parts of the body, in order to restore the correct information flow and induce auto-regulation at cellular level.

The trace elements used in Nutripuncture® show to be a precise, safe and effective tool to restore the flow of information in the body to achieve physical & emotional balance.

Course structure.

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Sep 19 - Sep 20, 2015
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM SGT
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Nutripuncture® - Basic Certification Program - Module 1/3 SOLD OUT $600.00
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