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IndigNation Queer Shorts brings you 4 short films, in one screening, that have been prominent in the LGBTQ community within the last year; 从黑夜到白天 (A Straight Journey), 렛미인 (Let Me In), To Mum (Love, Me) and 青親 (The Younger).


A Straight Journey: Days and Nights in their Kingdom

China, 2015

The winner of ShanghaiPride Film Festival 2015 Short Film

Synopsis: Two Chinese photographers, Masa and Mojo decide to end this decades-long silence of homosexuals in China and reveal the everyday lives of 48 gays, lesbians and their families through their lens. They spent six months and visited 11 Chinese cities to complete their documentary. This is the first cinematic work of any kind that focuses on the lives of Chinese homosexuals.



Let Me In

Korea, 2014

2015 Korea Queer Film Festival’s “KQFF Choice”

A film with explosive energy, despite its limited space in scenes. The two characters lead the story throughout the film with so much energy from within. Would we ever be able to come across the girl again? - KQFF

Synopsis: A girl spends most of her time alone at the lobby of an apartment. One day, she spots a couple of cops visiting a suspicious woman's house. The girl falls into the woman who treats her nicely.

Trailer: NA

To Mum (Love, Me)

Singapore, 2015

IndigNation Queer Short Feature Short Film

Synopsis: A hard-hitting depiction of the struggles of being young lesbian in cosmopolitan yet traditional Singapore, where being different can have grave consequences. When a long closeted daughter comes out into the open, both mother and daughter is left feeling isolated in a clash between modern and traditional. However, living in the same house forces them to either work towards acceptance or continue being strangers.



The Younger

Taiwan, 2014

Nominated Short for 2014 Taiwan Queer Award and featured in Korea Queer Film Festival 2015

Synopsis: Hao became a male masseur to make ends meet and pay for his grandmother's costly medication caused by her recent stroke and her Alzheimer's. The job forced him to deal with his previously suppressed sexual urges for men. Hao begins to lose the balance he once had with family, work, and himself.


Fri Sep 18, 2015
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM SGT
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