Archifilms Screenings: Old Places & Old Romances

By Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA)

From quintessential architectural films to today's shorts and documentaries, the screenings during this year's Archifest hopes to inspire us to imagine what our future holds.

Will we sit and watch the dystopian visions in these films become a reality or do we find inspiration in the societies who have managed to appropriate contested spaces, re-allocate resources and re-imagine how we live? What is the future you imagine for this city?

Come by the Archifest festival village at 79 & 81 Neil Road, from 26 Sep to 10 Oct for this series of free screenings.

Archifest would also like to invite everyone to experience through film, the warmth of our relationships with the environment and with each other, through the screenings of Singapore productions Old Places and Old Romances, documentaries directed by Royston Tan, Eva Tang and Victric Thng.

27 Sep (Sun) - Archifilms Screening: Old Places《老地方 | 4.30 pm - 5.50 pm

“I want to archive these places before they are lost forever.” – Royston Tan

Through a collection of the public's memories of various locations around Singapore, this film takes us on a journey through personal experiences that made these spaces... places. Each of us has probably a sense of attachment to some place that has already been, or will soon be razed to the ground and redeveloped. In this "future" that we are here today to imagine, what place do these "old places" have in our city?

27 Sep (Sun) - Archifilms Screening: Old Romances《老情人》| 6.00 pm - 7.05 pm

“Old Places are like old lovers to me, you never forget them.” - Royston Tan

A sequel to "Old Places", "Old Romances" once again brings together to memories of ordinary Singaporeans. Everyday spaces become layered with stories and recollections, begging the question, what will become of these places and memories? Will they be lost forever? How can we re-imagine a future for our city without overlooking the creation and preservation of memories, and fostering a sense of attachment?

(Photos by Chuan Pictures)

Sun Sep 27, 2015
4:30 PM - 7:10 PM SGT
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Archifest Festival Village @ 79 & 81 Neil Road
Archifilms Screening: Old Places《老地方》| 27 Sep (Sun) | 4.30 pm - 5.50 pm FULL
Archifilms Screening: Old Romances《老情人》| 27 Sep (Sun) | 6.00 pm - 7.05 pm FULL
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