Food, glorious food photography !

Food is not just for eating. Looking at food evokes feelings,memories and cravings. Learn how to create images that awaken senses and tastebuds !

This is a fun class for all of you who have an understanding of the exposure triangle and most importantly depth of field.

We will start with a brief 15 min talk about general principals of photography that particularly apply to food photography.
Then the remainder of the class will be practical. I will set up several 'stations' with a variety of foods, backgrounds and lighting.
You will receive opportunities to ask questions and to receive guidance while shooting.
Most of the set ups will be simple so you can easily reproduce them at home.

An ability to shoot in M mode ( or at least in A mode with an understanding of depth of field)

A prime lens or a zoom that has a wide maximum aperture ( for example a 50 mm f 1.8 ) would be ideal other lenses are of course welcome too.

A tripod and speed light would be good to bring along but are not essential.

Bring some paper and pen to write down some of the theory.

If time permits we will edit one image in Lightroom to show you how important post production editing is.

Min no of participants 3, max 5

Wed Sep 2, 2015
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM SGT
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1 Tanglin Hill
Standard SOLD OUT $75.00
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1 Tanglin Hill Singapore
Photography by Sandra Macheroux