Alma DEUTSCHER Tokyo Debut Concert #1

ヴェンツェル フックス クラリネットセレナーデ シャンパンコンサート

In Britain

“Child prodigy Alma Deutscher appeared on stage to give an unbelievably assured introduction to her ‘Dance of the Solent Mermaids.’ The work could easily have been mistaken for one of a great classical composer, but even at her tender age she stamped her personality on every note. Needless to say, the reception from the crowd was rapturous.”

– Lymington Times, 26 September 2014

In Israël

“If someone had accidentally entered the first half of the opening concert, he would no doubt have assumed that the piano trio was composed by a major composer, probably Viennese, from the early years of the nineteenth century. The participation of the little violinist Alma Deutscher, playing with captivating sound, would have perhaps surprised him a little, but would not have challenged the stylistic identification. But no, it turns out that Deutscher, in a wondrous display of stylistic understanding and taste, composed the trio herself. And before it she played, this time on the piano, a sonata that she wrote as well, here in 18th century style.”

– Haaretz, 31 July 2013

In Spain

“Alma Deutscher came onto the stage with a violin in her hands and her face lit up with happiness, airily radiant as a cloud. Alma started to play her little 200 year old Italian violin as if by a magic art. It’s truly incredible that the two movements of her violin concerto, which she premièred in Oviedo, and the Dance of the Solent Mermaids, are so accomplished. (We) were stunned by her playing. All children have a soul. Alma, in addition, has a soul for the stage (in Spanish: alma means ‘soul’). She was born with it.”

– La Nueva España, 25 January 2015

Alma Deutscher (Born in 2005)

Born in Basingstoke, Alma Deutsche lives with her family in Dorking, Surrey, England. Already capturing world attention as a violinist, pianist and composer, she completed her first major composition at the age of 7, the opera “The Sweeper of Dreams,” which has been highly commended by the English National Opera. She is now working on a full length opera based on the Cinderella story. Among her early works are a piano sonata and movements for a violin sonata, viola sonata, piano trio, string quartet, and songs.

In preparation for her coming performance with the Israël Philharmonic she played for Zubin Mehta, who called her “an angel.” She began composition of the violin concerto last year, and is currently sketching the piano concerto to be performed in Tokyo.

Tokyo Sinfonia & Robert Rÿker

Lauded as the most exciting orchestra in Japan, the Tokyo Sinfonia is unique in the world. Personable, flexible and delightfully creative, is is distinguished by rich sound, lively expression, and friendly rapport with the audience. Emboding the warmth and immediacy of Robert Rÿker’s affectionate approach to music, it has won much praise for the imaginative programming and inviting presentation of its hugely enjoyable events.

Maestro Rÿker has conducted the Tokyo Sinfonia in over 100 concerts, founded orchestras in three nations, served as music director, principal conductor or music advisor of 10 orchestras and opera companies around the world, and appeared in over 50 cities on four continents.



2014926 - Lymington Times 評論



2013731 - Haaretz 評論



2015年1月25 - La Nueva España 評論


ベイジングストークに生れ、家族と共にイギリスのサリー、ドーキングに住む。ヴァイオリニスト、ピアニスト、作曲家として、既に世界的注目を集め、7歳で最初の曲「ドリーム スウィーパー」を作曲し、英国国立オペラより高く賞賛される。現在はシンデレラの物語に基づくオペラを創作中である。早期の作品には、ピアノソナタ、ヴァイオリンソナタの一部の楽章、ヴィオラソナタ、ピアノ三重奏、弦楽四重奏、歌曲がある。


東京シンフォニア ロバート・ライカー



(Followed by post-performance champagne reception)

開演 19:00、 開場 18:30
CONCERT START TIME : 19:00 <> DOORS OPEN from : 18:30


Dance of the Solnet Mermaids (Deutscher)

Concerto for Violin & Strings (Deutscher) - Violin solo, Alma Deutscher

Overture to Cinderella (Deutscher)

Concerto for Piano & Strings (Deutscher) - Piano solo, Alma Deutscher

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1学生 3,000円

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Wed Oct 14, 2015
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM JST
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