Architours 2015 | 3 Oct Sat | PM

By Singapore Institute of Architects & The Architectural Society (TAS) of National University of Singapore

A staple at Archifest, the Architours afford an in-depth look at buildings in our city, with newly curated journeys aimed to inspire visitors as they explore note-worthy architectural projects in Singapore. Some of the tours are led by the architects themselves, what a treat!


Hwa Chong Cultural Centre


(Photo by Daniel Swee)

House at Rienzi


Hwa Chong Cultural Centre

Architect: Park + Associates Pte Ltd

The design approach for Hwa Chong International School’s new Hwa Chong Cultural Centre stems from its deep rooted Chinese culture that the school holds dearly.

Having observed that the site sits with a ‘little hill’ as its backdrop, the new building draws inspiration from a Chinese landscape painting where there is, often, the layering of background (misty rolling mountains), mid ground (the smaller hill), and the foreground which features humans or a clearer depiction of trees and rocks.

The proposed architecture captures this essence.

Conceived as mountains framing a river, the idea was to harmonise architecture with nature. The buildings are arranged in a V shaped configuration, framing a central garden on the opposite side of the swimming pools.


Architect: LAUD Architects

DECK contextualizes itself as the missing physical and programmatic link between two key art institutions in the Bras-Basah Bugis precinct - Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts at Bencoolen Street and LASALLE College of the Arts at Windstedt Road. Student programs from both schools to participate in DECK establish a "programmatic bridge" between the 2 schools.

By stacking the containers into a compelling urban assemblage that terraces towards the "plaza" space facing the blank neighbouring party wall, LAUD Architects could appropriate the architectural elements on site to form an intimate urban setting that supports a multitude of events and activities. Intentionally set back from the site boundary on all sides, the building invites people on the street to venture into the forecourt or slip round its perimeter to get to the other side of the urban block, stitching the larger urban fabric with its presence.

House at Rienzi

Architect: A D Lab Pte Ltd

Going back to the basic elements of "home", this design by A D Lab Pte Ltd allows human relationships and socializing, as well as a connection to the earth, the place and the neighbourhood to dictate its spaces.

Within a very tight inter terrace lot of less than 1,400 sq ft, the architect have crafted a series of spacious and extremely comfortable rooms of unimaginable expansiveness. The nature of each dwelling space within the home has been carefully considered so that its proportions, relationships within the home, views and sense of enclosure and openness profoundly resonate with the human body and the specific functions of dwelling.

Light and wind flow freely through the open spaces of the home, which merge seamlessly with the landscaped patios and view of greenery. Distant vistas to the horizon are thoughtfully planned and help to ground the spaces and their inhabitants with the neighbourhood and the lushly-landscaped environment.

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Please note that AM and PM tours have overlapping timing. If you wish to attend both tours on the same day, you may have to miss the last project of the AM tour, or the first project of the PM tour. Please arrange connecting transportation on your own. Thank you.

Start/End Venue: Archifest 2015 Festival Village @ 79 & 81 Neil Road

Meeting Time: Please meet the tour leader at least 15 mins before the start of the tour

Attire: Comfortable clothing and walking shoes

Weatherproof equipment (recommended): Hat, Cap, Sunnies and Umbrella

About Archifest 2015 | www.archifest.sg

Archifest 2015 returns from 25 Sep to 10 Oct 2015, to celebrate architecture and the built environment. The annual festival provides a platform for all walks of life to discuss, debate and deliberate architectural issues. Participants will find themselves engaging in uninhibited dialogue, creative collaborations and a constant exchange of ideas.

Into its 9th edition, the Archifest hopes to start energetic conversations with the public and among professionals, about Singapore's future spaces and environment . With the theme "What Future?", we hope that everyone will be inspired to observe, reflect and contemplate on their aspirations for their own future. Because, the future cannot be served to you, you can and should, build your own.

Visit the Archifest Festival Village as part of Architour to participate in the “What Future?” discussion!

About Architours

The highly anticipated Architours returns at Archifest 2015, with newly curated journeys aimed to inspire tour visitors as they visit award winning as well as unique buildings in Singapore. Some of the locations will be guided by the architects who built them!

The Singapore Institute of Architects and the Architecture Society (TAS) of National University of Singapore looks forward to presenting yet another inspiring series of Architours, held over two weekends of Archifest 2015. LIKE us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/archifest) for updates on the tours!

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