Celebrate Merdeka with Yasmin Ahmad: Muallaf 9am, 31 Aug (Mon)



"As I gradually find richness in the Chinese language (I confess I disliked it as a subject in school) I thought the Chinese title of 《改心》, which literally translates to a "change of heart" was a more accurate depiction of what the story would be about. As with the themes of Yasmin's films, it's about the human condition and humanity, and the Family never being far behind.

In Muallaf, the sisters Rohani and Rohana epitomizes forgiveness and are a nuclear family of sorts. They're left to their own devices after escaping from their father and their stepmother, and live in a big haunted house by the grace of their deceased mother's friend. They meet Brian a schoolteacher who has his own traumatizing skeletons in his closet and what he perceives were mind games by his mom in Penang, and through his attraction to the peaceful loving ways of the sisters, form a friendship with them." -D. Steel


Kelip-Kelip, a community organization based in Penang, with the support of The Star Pitt St. and Think City will be bringing movies like Muallaf, Rabun, Talentime, Sepet, Gubra and Mukhsin back to the big screen in conjunction with Merdeka month! Please come armed with snacks and a packet of tissue paper.

This casual event is open to members of the public for free, to inspire the celebration of our diversity as Malaysians, and also to celebrate Yasmin's life as a well-loved curator of our diversity and culture through film-making.

There will be a MERCY Yasmin Ahmad Children's Fund donation box to channel funds to Yasmin's favorite charity organization instead of charging for entrance. We welcome any donations.

Mon Aug 31, 2015
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM MYT
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Muallaf, 9am 31st Aug (Mon) FULL
Venue Address
Level 1, The Star Pitt St, 15 Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, George Town, Penang Malaysia
Kelip Kelip