Celebrate Merdeka with Yasmin Ahmad: Sepet 7pm, 13 Aug (Thurs)



"Sepet is an excellent depiction of Malaysian life and the ups and downs that come with it. The story line of boys meets girl, and both fall in love is given a twist as both are from different races and religions. To actually see on film how the different races react to the rest is amusing. Sharifah Amani is a gem - and so cute in her mannerisms, which only lends to the innocence of her character. She does a great job portraying the typical Malaysian teen who's in love. Let's hope we see more of her. This movie aims to transcend racial boundaries, and I believe it will do so. I will watch it again and again. This movie will make you laugh, cry and think." - Sumichikins


Kelip-Kelip, a community organization based in Penang, with the support of The Star Pitt St. and Think City will be bringing movies like Muallaf, Rabun, Talentime, Sepet, Gubra and Mukhsin back to the big screen in conjunction with Merdeka month! Please come armed with snacks and a packet of tissue paper.

This casual event is open to members of the public for free, to inspire the celebration of our diversity as Malaysians, and also to celebrate Yasmin's life as a well-loved curator of our diversity and culture through film-making.

There will be a MERCY Yasmin Ahmad Children's Fund donation box to channel funds to Yasmin's favorite charity organization instead of charging for entrance. We welcome any donations.

Thu Aug 13, 2015
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM MYT
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SEPET Aug 13 (Thur), 7pm FULL
Venue Address
Level 1, The Star Pitt St, 15 Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, George Town, Penang Malaysia
Kelip Kelip