WA-izm's Hands-on "Edo-Sushi" WorkShop : For only an hour and a half's experience, you will be a sushi artisan?!

The New Style of Enjoying Japanese Food Culture!!
Would you like to experience Japanese food culture in a new and exciting way?
Well, we’d like to invite you to participate in the WA-izm’s cultural workshops!

You can learn from how to make shari to how to treat fish, and more over learn the history of "Edo-Sushi" (edo-style sushi). It is a noteworthy experience event!

<What you'll learn>
-To able to make "Edo-Sushi" by yourselves!
-To be able to speak about "Edo-Sushi"!
-To be able to treat fish and learn how to make shari!
-To be able to invite your foreign friends with "Edo-Sushi"i!
-To be able to be popular if you can make "Edo-Sushi"! :)

•About the making of "shari"(sushi rice)
•Preparing of the sushi topping (filleting fish body, the art of Edo-style work etc.)
•Experience of hand‐rolling of sushi
•Enjoy your sushi followed by questions and answers to sushi chef

*All instruction will be in Japanese with an English interpreter working alongside.

Note: The contents may be changed. The details of the contents will be informed later.

Syuichi Kurosawa (Kurosawa-Sushi shop)

He was born at a plum firm in Umenosato Ogosemachi in Saitama prefecture, and raised over helping his family business and taking a way to Sushi craftsman.

He made a effort more than others to acquire the Sushi base skill and he got high reputation about the careful preparation and the performance of separating a live fish.

He quit his Sushi craftsman once because of helping his family business but he couldn't give up to see the customers smiles so he stared to build his way of Sushi craftsman.

Nowadays he's collaborated with agriculture and Sushi and used his firm products he make and offered the fresh Sushi to his customers with his motto: "the agriculture with the farmers' face you can see in, the sushi with the chef's face you can see in"

===WA-izm's Hands-on Workshops===
Aug. 25th (Mon)
・"Edo-Sushi" making(11:30-13:00)
・”Dashi" making(15:00-16:30)
Sep. 15th (Tue)
・"Edo-Sushi" making(11:30-13:00)
・”Dashi" making(15:00-16:30)
Sep. 22th (Tue)
・"Edo-Sushi" making(11:30-13:00)
・”Dashi" making(15:00-16:30)
Sep. 28th (Mon)
・"Edo-Sushi" making(11:30-13:00)
・”Dashi" making(15:00-16:30)

For more details: http://www.wa-izm.com/studio_en/

Tue Aug 25, 2015
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM JST
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1 person SOLD OUT ¥7,500
promotion(3 seats only) SOLD OUT ¥2,500
Venue Address
1-5-4, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan
2min.walk from Shinjuku-Gyoenmae Stationa (Metro, Exit#1)
和izm (ワイズム) 運営事務局 / WA-izm Office