Earn USD Passive Income with Mobile App

No programming skills needed. Suitable for All!

Are you still work for other?
Are you operate a traditional business?
Are you looking for a better business opportunity?
Are you looking for a way to achieve your financial and time freedom ?

World has changed!! Look carefully at the following chart:

What are you thinking right now? Nervous about your future?

- Will my current employer will no longer need me in next few years?
- How can my traditional business compete with internet related companies?
- How can I continue to move together with this global new trends?
- Financial and time freedom is farther away from me?

Have you heard of Uber and Airbnb?

Uber, The taxi application app, born in 2009, to provide "immediate taxi + exclusive driver" service.Uber now raised to 1.5 billion dollars, but it's a great gap between the market value is 17 billion; Taxi about 100 billion market worldwide, Uber share 17% of it.

Airbnb this App born in 2008, a global accomodation provider, allows you to rent your empty house into short and long term rental. Airbnb also raised to 790 million dollars, and was reported to have 10 billion in value. 640,000 houses in 192 countries, will soon overtake the Intercontinental Hotel Group and Hilton Hotel Group, the world's largest hotel chains.

Do you know how these two companies become a topic of discussion all over the world in a very short period of time?

How do they blown these traditional concepts of law apart, by making it much easier for individuals to use their homes, cars or even talents for profit?

On what platform these two companies are using to expand business globally?

Did you know ?

- Mobile Commerce is the hot trends now.
- 5,000,000,000 of the population will own smartphone in 2017.
- Half of the world's population owned at least one smartphone device now.
- There are 4 million units of active online Mobile Data suscribers in Malaysia, which is 137% of the total population in Malaysia.
- Primary and secondary school textbooks in Malaysia will be replaced by computer and tablet in the next 10 years.
- Smartphone and tablet users spend an average of 39% and 67% of the time to play mobile games.

Are You Get Yourself Prepared?


We have a FREE class that may help you:
Earn USD Passive Income with Mobile App - FREE CLASS


What you will learn in this FREE class:

1. How to create iPhone and Android app without programming. Suitable for complete beginner.
2. How to use mobile application to increase brand awareness, develop new customers, boost profit and market product globally.
3. How to own a franchise business and market it through mobile application.
4. How to earn daily passive USD from the mobile application.
5. How to develop mobile games application.
6. How to earn passive income in a short period of time, travel worldwide, and achieve financial freedom.


Attendees will have the opportunity to own a franchise business.

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