Core Alignment & Muscle Balance Fitness Bootcamp


Do join us for our Core Alignment & Muscle Toning Fitness Training!

It will be held at Singapore Indoor Stadium, outside Gate 4.

Time: 8.30am to 10 am .

LIMITED to the first 20 people who are committed to join us! Priorities will be given to those who make payment first!

Here are some information about Core Alignment & Muscle Toning!:

Core alignment

In order to maintain a healthy,functioning nearomusculoskeletal system, the alignment of the central core of the body with the invisible force of gravity is absolutely essential. Every living thing has a central core from which all it's other parts orient themselves. In the human body, the brain and spinal cord are the central core from which all other parts of the body receive essential instructions. Optimal level of human function & performance depend on the structural alignment of our central core to the gravitational Field of Earth.

Muscle imbalance

About 65 percent of injuries -- both athletic and lifestyle-related -- come from overuse, which is repetitive use of joints that are rendered dysfunctional by muscular imbalances."

Muscle imbalances occur when one muscle is stronger than its opposing muscle. For example, if you sit all day at a computer or overwork your mirror muscles (like the chest and abs), your shoulders are likely pulled forward creating a strength imbalance between the front of your body and the back. While these muscle imbalances may not be a problem at first, the real issue occurs over time. Without a well-balanced foundation that focuses on stabilization and mobilization, you can strengthen as much as you want, but at some point, the foundation is going to break down." In other words, unless you identify and fix whatever imbalances exist, you could be headed straight for injury.

Your opposing muscles and muscle groups are supposed to work together. Those muscles must be balanced in terms of strength, flexibility, and even posture to be efficient and to prevent injuries.

Session rates are going only at $20 including drinks.

Hurry up and join now as it is LIMITED to the first 20 people who are committed to join us! Priorities will be given to those who make payment first!

Account details:

DBS SAVINGS 019-006809-4 (Evelyn Chew)

Please contact me if you have any enquiries @ 98583707

Sat Jul 25, 2015
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM SGT
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Singapore National Stadium
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1 Stadium Drive Singapore 397629, Singapore Singapore
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