◆SUiTO FUKUOKA pre-opening event◆8/4 Kimono & Yukata fashion show!!

<SUiTO FUKUOKA August 8th. OPEN!!>
~The place where "foreign tourists visiting Japan" and "local" meet ~

The new foothold for inbound tourism opens in Imaizumi!! "SUiTO FUKUOKA" is a new kind of tourist information center, situated in a small renovated but traditional Japanese house!

The first one will be to make foreigners visiting Fukuoka feel the "suitô" (love) by offering traditional Japanese experiences starting with the cultural heritage of the Kyushu area. Our second duty will be to make residents able to confidently make recommendations on what they "suitô" in their city.

We want to make both residents and foreigners like Fukuoka the same way they like the dialect.
★A pre-opening week with events everyday ! ★

Before the opening on August 8th, we are holding events everyday from the 1st to the 7th ! Art & Culture, Kimono & Yukata fashion, Zen Yoga, Japanese beef & craft beer, Japanese Sake…

On the fourth day, come and try a new kind of kimonos, that you can wear in only 5 minutes ! Inoue Tomoko, creator of the 5 minutes kimono: “Wasomi” and Nishiyama Katae of the kimono salon “Kotori” will be giving a show on how to wear a traditional Japanese kimono. During this event you will also be able to experience « kawaii make up », thanks to Miss Reiny Reiko ! First-arrived-first-served !

We will also be having a kimono and yukata fashion show with both Japanese and foreign models!

※Mrs. Inoue Tomoko

▼Sponsor:Kimono Salon Kotori
※Mrs Nishiyama Takae
▼Sponsor:Mrs. Reiny Reiko

[event outline]
Time : August 4th, 19:00-21:30
Place : SUiTO FUKUOKA (Chuo-ku, Imaizumi, 1-2-29, Fukuoka.)
Fee : 3500 yen (fees including food, a drink and a fashion show)
20 people max.
Host : SUiTO FUKUOKA (joint-stock company East)

[facilities information]
<1st floor : tourist information center and souvenir shop>
we will make this center a spot for foreigners who hope to get tips known only by the local people.

<1st floor : Japanese style cafe and bar>
A traditional Japanese bar where you will be able to enjoy different kinds of "made in Japan" sake with a focus on sake produced in Kyushu.
We propose a premium original menu with food and drinks that you can only enjoy here !
We of course welcome Japanese customers, but also foreign customers who want to have a taste of traditional Japanese culture.

<2nd floor : classrooms and event planning space>
Classrooms where will be held lectures and seminars about different aspects of traditional japanese culture.

<2nd floor : rooms for rent>
We propose both Japanese style and European style rooms for rent. Please do not hesitate to ask for more details.
▼Other pre-opening events▼
▼Opening event▼
※coming soon!!
Tue Aug 4, 2015
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM JST
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Venue Address
福岡市中央区今泉1-2-29 Japan