JALT RTTP Workshop

Sophia University May 11-12, 2013

Who is this workshop for? Administrators looking to emphasize critical thinking in their curriculum; teachers of English hoping to increase interaction between and independence in their students by focusing on all four language skills, especially speaking.

“Reacting to the Past” (RTTP) is an exciting educational approach that uses content to get students to engage in debates, research and prepare papers and speeches, in a way that allows students to develop invaluable critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork skills. It was developed by academics looking to improve these skills at Barnard College (Columbia University) in New York, and quickly spread to more than 300 colleges and universities. In this workshop, three RTTP experts will come from different colleges in the US to lead participants through one of four RTTP “games”.

Students participate in roles with detailed character descriptions based on real historical figures. Through the game format, they give speeches and participate in debates based on actual historical events. It is an exciting opportunity for students to be at the center of the action, have fun, and potentially rewrite history!

This pedagogy is precisely the kind of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) that language teachers are rejuvenating as part of the increasing internationalization of language education.

Registrants will rank their choices of games. They will then be assigned roles and sent reading materials to prepare for the game at the workshop.

The games to be run at the workshop include:

· Confucianism and the Succession Crisis of the Wanli Emperor, 1587 - run by Prof. Nick Proctor, Simpson College (Iowa) - Chair of the Reacting to the Past Editorial Board
More information: http://reacting.barnard.edu/curriculum/published-games/confucianism

· Greenwich Village 1913: Suffrage, Labor, and the New Woman - run by Prof. Stephanie Jass, Adrian College (Michigan) – RTTP pioneer
More information: http://reacting.barnard.edu/greenwich-village-1913-suffrage-labor-and-new-woman

· Japan, the West, and the Road to World War, 1940-41 – run by Prof. John Moser, Ashland University (Ohio) – RTTP pioneer and creator of the game
More information: http://reacting.barnard.edu/japan-1940

· Legacy of the 47 Ronin – run by Profs. Bettina Gramlich-Oka and Mathew Thompson, Sophia University – creators of the game

More information: http://www.earlymodernjapan.org/rttp-legacy-of-the-47-samurai-working-title

Access to RTTP materials will be made available via the RTTP teachers' forum. The materials provided for teachers will be the same for students before the workshop, but the teachers' materials will be provided during the workshop. The final information session includes a model lesson plan and sample assessment pieces (on adapting RTTP for different proficiency levels).

Teachers interested in learning how to set up similar activities will have the opportunity to speak with Prof. Nick Proctor, author of Reacting to the Past Game Designer's Handbook.

The ticket price has been reduced to 2000 for all participants! Please register today by clicking on "Get Ticket".

The fees cover your lunch on Sunday, May 12th, drinks, snacks, and game materials we will send to you in the mail on April 28th.

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Additional sponsorship provided by Cambridge University Press.

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May 11 - May 12, 2013
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