Broadcasting Experience


How interesting should a TV or Radio Broadcaster / DJ to dance?

A fresh approach to live and net broadcasts, our programmes will be hosted by a featured DJ each day, and your shows will be centred on the daily life of every average Singaporean. Individual personalities and fresh approaches are the signature of our broadcasts and we will introduce unique and refreshing content to bring our listeners into the daily happenings around the region. Our global perspective approach also widens the circle of our listeners, targeting a regional audience of above 20, and pursuing a better life.

Broaden our near future vision, build our real broadcasting experiences.

- Observing the broadcasting process and experiencing to manage the session in “Glass Cubicle”.

- Detail description of the project the station currently doing and existing at media platforms, StarHub TV Channel 325 channel, FM88.3, China Suzhou music radio, Indonesia 7 FM radio programs, and network video in education and documentary program in South East Asia.

- Coaching and presentation skills sharing the correct vocal technique and expression as a Broadcaster /DJ.

- Brief program for "Language In2 Leadership", are you a qualified Emcee, Broadcaster, DJ, Actor, Movie Director?

Ready to explore unexpected fun before fulfilling curiosity.

Every member will be given 2 minutes of one-to-one recording session (audition) with selective of English or Mandarin script, throughout the recording session you’re free to present your super skill and technique as the best performance you wish.

Who knows that we will be one of the lucky stars to hold a real session at Starhub station and/or FM 88.3 Radio station?

Talent and dreams, Feisty Filmmakers certainly opening a door for you!

Fri Jul 17, 2015
4:40 PM - 7:40 PM SGT
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Rediffusion Singapore
Feisty Film FULL
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Burn Road Singapore