GTM Academy
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So you have a good idea? After you have created your product or services, you next decide to create a website or even a social media presence to inform your target audiences on what is your product or service is all about. Once your online front is established, your next query is how do you drive traffic or even create an audience or following? Next once your business is reach a point when you are ready to do events? How do you execute with excellence and less headache, especially so if the event is a larger scale b2c event. Last but not least how would you handle customer experience ?

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GTM means "Go To Market" a term commonly used in the corporate to bring forth product and/or services to the market. GTM Academy's mission to provide education and tools to our students surrounding the means to get their products or offerings quickly to the market to execute on their business dreams. Our training are centered around practical real world usage and not just academic type education. We believe are students are expecting more actionable knowledge rather than just head knowledge.

We will also work with our students for work opportunity to get some real life working experience as and when such opportunities arises. We ultimately believe life is the best educator.