DJ Big M
By Ming Oh Follow | Public

urveyor of deep, infectious dance grooves and a feel-good atmosphere. Big M always display his style of smooth tight mixing and fast chopping on the decks. He is also one half of the founder for Ravelation (Singapore's most successful DJs Collective).

Being one of the fastest raising DJ since his debut in 2014, Big M excels in both his opening groovy hip-hop sets and fist pumping main nights and have since shared stage with the likes of DJ Ghetto, Bounce Squad, DJ Tang and Australian Producer Brynny.

Having already played for most of the major nightclubs in the Singapore such as Zouk, Phuture, F-Club, Tanjong Beach Club, WaveHouse, Azzura to name a few, Big M is currently holding his foothold at Altimate where he spins every Friday there.