resident dj: okadada , DJ WILDPARTY
guest : SOICHI TERADA (寺田創一)
open 23:00 adv:2000yen door:2500yen

Soichi Terada has long been a bastion of charming house music in Japan. A recent showcase of his work by Hunee - "Sounds From The Far East" - on the Rush Hour label, though, has turned a western audience on to his pleasingly naive yet emotionally resonant sound, and as such he is now heading over with a full live show. Over the course of a long career that dates back to the ‘80s, Terada has been responsible for the soundtracks of computer games like Ape Escape, as well as for countless great releases on his Far East Recordings label alongside good friend Shinichiro Yokota. With a sound that bares the subtle hallmarks of 80s and 90s New York, Terada has continually cooked up his own melodically rich slant on house, and for that reason he has always stood out. Ranging in style from personalable and fun to more moody and soulful, he has a broad sound palette that is full of humour and real character. Tracks like the Larry Levan backed ”Sun Shower," which he produced in 1989 for the Japanese singer Nami Shimada, are full melody and stirring arrangement so never fail to connect with dancers and DJs alike. His live show will re-create these classic old tracks - as well as those from the Rush Hour compilation - in captivating fashion.

Sep 30 - Oct 1, 2017
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
11:00 PM - 5:00 AM JST
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