SPACE #8 - I Hate Models


SPACE #8 - I Hate Models

Open / Start: 23:59

I Hate Models (ARTS_Voitax)
C-KAY (Space Bagdhad_Constant Value)

Sound Engineer :
Yuki Shimafuji

- Melancholy, nostalgia, passions, the suffering self,

- The expression of personal feelings

- The taste for loneliness, the desire to flee, travel, dream...

Pushed in front of the scene late in 2016 with his Warehouse Memories EP released on ARTS, "I Hate Models" has known an eye-popping ascent.
With a variety of releases on labels such as Khemia, ARTS, Voitax, T/W/B or,
he is as eclectic in his productions as in his DJ sets, and navigates between
Rave music, Industrial sounds, Electro, Post-Punk, Wave or EBMish productions.

He tries to not limit himself to a specific genre, exploring all electronic universes, and succeeded to create a certain "touch" recognizable in his tracks, with an association between emotional synths and colder sounds.

With an artistic line based on the expression of melancholia and intense emotions, his music can be characterized by a showdown between
Love and Hate, Darkness and Light.

・C-KAY (Space Baghdad l Constant Value)

Producer / Dj based in Tokyo

C-Kay, who is a producer and resident DJ of Space Baghdad in Tokyo, Constant Value in Seoul also has been co-organizing two parties each named 'Space' and 'Blackbird'. On her own deck, first giving life to the deep and dark atmospheric resonance, she immediately weaves it in harmony with bold sounds that sometimes even go apeshit. Keenly oscillating between tangibility and intangibility, C-Kay is definitely building up her own world leading us into hypnotic underground. Also she recently released her unique brutal techno tracks from labels such as Subsist records and Constant Value Records.


2016年に韓国Constant Value recordsのコンピレーションアルバムに楽曲を提供、2017年2月にスペインのレーベル「Subsist records」へのコンピに参加。2017年から隔月でイギリスのFnoob Techno Radioで自身の番組をスタートしている。Space Baghdadのメンバーとしてイベント「SPACE」「Blackbird」に加え、Contact Tokyoでの「S.C」を主催し、世界中の様々なアーティスト達を招聘。韓国のアンダーグラウンドパーティー「Constant Value」のResident Artist でもあり、定期的に韓国でもDJを行っている。2016年には、ベルリンのabout blank、パリのChamp Libre、ハンガリーでDJを行い、2017年もヨーロッパでのDJ、いくつかのリリースが予定されている。

Aug 26 - Aug 27, 2017
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
11:50 PM - 6:00 AM JST
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On sale until Aug 26, 2017, 1:50:00 PM

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Venue Address
東京都神楽坂 6-48 B1 Japan
Space Baghdad