1 of U Meeting - 非正規滞在者の現状について考える

1 of U Meeting - 非正規滞在者の現状について考える (English is below)
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移住、移民政策、人種差別の問題を考えるリサーチプロジェクトのミーティング。日本には日本以外の国籍を持つ230万人が暮らし、これからも増えるでしょう。 しかし移民政策と人種差別の問題があり、異文化理解とニューカマーの定住に様々な課題があります。1年間のリサーチプロジェクトの中でアート、人権、法律、生活、様々なレベルで問題を語り合います。


1ofU Meeting
24th June 14:00-17:00
Admission Free
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There are more than 2.3 million foreign residents in Japan, and this number is set to rise. But both old and new comers face many difficulties in Japanese society. We run a chance to research and share these issues through art, law and everyday life. Coming together we share personal stories and objective information to uncover some of the unseen conditions in Japan today.

The month of June is designated by the government as the "anti-illegal workers/anti-illegal immigrants month", encouraging police raids on workplaces and racial profiling stop checks. Until 2012 irregular foreign residents could gain official ID in Japan through the city government through the form of the alien registration card allowing access to many public services no matter their immigration status. However with the revision of the Immigration Control Act this centralized the registration of foreigner residents through the immigration bureau and effectively erasing the route of official identification for irregular foreign residents and placing huge obstacles towards access to health care and other services.
In the 1980s during the bubble period irregular foreign residents were actively encouraged to take up work in Japan due to a labor shortage and rapidly strengthening economy.
Yet as the bubble burst and this was followed by further recession then a stringent campaign against undocumented residents was enforced leading to mass arrests and deportations.
Today there are close to 1000 people in immigration detention centers around Japan, the conditions of which are so poor that detainees have recently engaged in a spate of hunger strikesThere are many reasons and situations in which people become irregular foreign residents, often forced into this situation beyond their control. There is also the increasing issue of children born to irregular residents in Japan, who are also denied residence status due to the status of their parents. In recent years there have been several major cases in which children have been promised visa status if their parents agree to return to their home countries, effecively breaking up families in the process.
As the number of special residence permissions has significantly declined in recent years and with the increased crack downs observed in other countries, particularly the US, we have much to be concerned for the rights of irregular foreign residents. In this 1 of U meeting we will examine both facts and figures along with individual experiences in order to think more about the condition of irregular residents in Japan.
Sat Jun 24, 2017
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM JST
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Venue Address
東京都杉並区善福寺4-1-1和田ビル4F Japan