Engaging your Potential




這課程將會開展你人生轉化之旅。你會漸漸發現 “你” 是所有事情的源頭。如果你願意進一步深入的探索自己,處理你的情緒和限制性信念,你將能夠實現你所想要的一切,成為最高版本的自己,活出豐盛的人生!

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We are all born with great gifts and talents!

Wanna live a life with passion, learn to break out from your boundaries, engaging your potential and live life to the fullest?

This workshop probably will be the start of a transformation journey for yourself. You will come to realize you are the source of all your experiences. If you are willing to look further into yourself, work with your emotions and limiting beliefs, you will be able to manifest whatever you want in life and be the best version of yourself!

Workshop Theme: Engaging and Connecting with My Potential

Workshop Objectives:

1. Knowing Me - Appreciating Myself

2. Revisiting My Perspectives & Attitudes

3. Recognizing How I React / Respond

4. Breaking out of my Boundaries

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Sat Jul 22, 2017
9:00 AM - 12:45 PM HKT
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Engaging your Potential HK$880.00
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Unit A, 1/F, Neich Tower, 128 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
4 min. walk from Wanchai mtr station exit A1
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