#CustomersIN Event Marketing!


#CustomersIN Event Marketing!

Networking event with SHORT presentations and Guests Musicians!

LIVE MUSIC performance.

What are we talking about?

Our Festival events attract over 3000 people and target thousands through media campaigns, both in New York and Europe. We would like to share our experience on how Events help brands to expand, reach new markets, drive cash and create valuable PR campaigns that can be used for years!


Marketing trough individuals that have influence


Coca-Cola, Ford, Geico, StateFarm and many other brands use “music marketing” to create memorable advertising jingles that shape the image of the company and reach a wide audience. Music has no barriers, therefore, it reaches more people and stays in your head forever. Let’s sing together 1-800-mattress…...

Who are we?

Madeinnyjazz is a new formation of an Entertainment company with artists from 55 Countries, affiliate programs in 4 Countries and a Festival in New York and Europe. Launched 3 years ago as the world's first online jazz competition Madeinnyjazz quickly became the fastest growing Competition and marked its success as the number one Jazz Competition in the main search engines; Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Special Guest:

Farnell Newton #JamOfTheWeek #JOTW

It started as a challenge to all of my brass playing friends on Instagram. Instagram has a 15-second video limit which I thought was just around the perfect time to play a 12 bar blues. Next thing I know, my musician friends on Facebook started to do the same thing but now with different instrumentation and at different tempos. Now I post up new tunes each week for musicians to record to share to the world.

The group features musicians worldwide (Ireland, UK, Japan, Austria, France, etc), all different skill levels and ages ranging from 12 - 92 years old. You also have top horn players and musicians for artists Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Lettuce, Snarky Puppy, Prince, Jill Scott, Preservation Brass Band, Bootsy Collins and more.

9 Weeks after being started and the group grew to over 12,500 members all uploading videos of themselves playing the tunes of the week. To this date, the group has grown to over 48,000 members from all across the globe.


WeWork - introduction

Misha Brovkin - Founder of the Madeinnyjazz

Daniel De Rienzo - Peatix

Farnell Newton - Jam of the week


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Thu Mar 16, 2017
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM EDT
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