Digital Marketing using Web Analytics- Promotional Price

Supercharge your digital marketing - learn Web Analytics!
We are coming to Manila, Philippines to help you supercharge your digital marketing.
The associate web analytics seminar is the most popular of WACA's seminars in Japan. A sampling of our corporate clients in Japan: Hakuhodo, NTT Resonant, Softbank Technology. We are offering it now in Manila at a promotional price of 949 Philippine Pesos. Enroll now before we revert back to our original price of 9840 Philippine Pesos.

Exact venue in Manila will be revealed at a later date.

For who is this seminar?

This program is suited for those who want to:

• Acquire more traffic and more conversions to their business

• Pursue a new career in Digital Marketing

• Start their own business

• Widen their knowledge beyond a standard sales career

Why should you take this seminar?

Seminar participants will:

• Be able to optimize business results for both offline and online businesses

• Be able to understand the purchasing behavior of their customers

• Be able to look at a business from three perspectives: Business Analysis, Customer Behavior, Online Traffic

• Have the option of acquiring certification

What is the curriculum?

Our certification program includes our textbook for the Associate Web Analytics Consultant course. The textbook covers the following topics:

1.What is Web Analytics?-The role of the web in today’s society and the significance of Web Analytics

2.Business Analysis- Analyze businesses by utilizing proven frameworks

3.KPI and Planning - How to set intermediate targets that leads to the achievement of final goals

4.Designing a blueprint for Web Analysis - Tools and techniques necessary for web analysis and how to report analysis results

5.Analyzing Trends - How to grasp overall trends from key indicators such as users, page views, sessions, session duration and conversions

6.Analyzing Referrers- How to analyze each type of referrer including paid media which is becoming increasingly important

7. Content Analysis - Reducing Bounce rate and exit rate, reasons why users leave the a site, and how to improve a particular page or site

8. Proposals and Reports-Creating easy to understand proposals and reports.

The seminar fee includes a one-day seminar - promotional price 949 Pesos.

The certification exam/fee(6679 Pesos-OPTIONAL) and textbook(2950 Pesos-OPTIONAL) are optional.

Contact me at 65 83321740 or email support@waca.sg if you have any questions.
Sun Nov 20, 2016
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM PHT
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Ortigas Foundation Library,2/F Ortigas Building, Ortigas Center
Promotional Seminar Price SOLD OUT PHP949.00
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Manila Philippines
Web Analytics Consultants Association