Latest Developments on Chinese Patent and Design Laws


This presentation aims to cover some of the latest developments on Chinese patent and design registrations by providing interesting examples as well as practical advices. Scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs from HKSTP would benefit from catching-up the trends in China’s IP protections, such that they can understand how to maximize the IP values of any R&D results in their day-to-day works.

The first part of the presentation will focus on Graphical User Interface (GUI) protection provided by Chinese design registrations, and in particular with a discussion on the firstever infringement case on GUI interface of software in China taken place recently. Audiences will be provided with advices on how to secure their creations in unique user interfaces when playing part in the Chinese market.

The second part of the presentation will be focused on the new Chinese IP court system and how IP right holders / competitors should make use of this system for taking advantages in the competitions.

Language: English

(This event is organized by TecONE

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Thu Aug 11, 2016
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM HKT
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Conference Hall 1-2, G/F, Core Building 1, Phase 1, Science Park
Venue Address
Hong Kong Science Park Hong Kong