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A new year brings new opportunities. At HCAC, we get only the best instructors to teach you something new. Come Sem 1 2016, we have two new gems awaiting you – our Commedia Dell’Arte Masterclass and Improv Sports Workshop.

Be sure to grab life by the reins and stretch that creative mind of yours. Slots are limited so sign up now!

1. Acting 101 by Kamil Haque

Sunday, 21 Feb 2016, 10am – 6pm

Usual price: $199

Acting 101 is a one-day workshop that provides broad-based and experiential insight to the actor’s world—formal techniques, systems, and training. How do we hone creativity? Are mental and physical self-awareness everything? In this highly interactive workshop, you’ll take home dynamic life skills that will prove useful in any aspect of life.

2. Improv 101 by Arnaud Pierre

Sunday, 28 Feb 2016, 10am – 6pm

Usual price: $199

Life itself has been called the greatest improvisation of all. Learn to fully immerse yourself in the here and now, overcome the fear of failure, and trust your instincts. With the workshop’s holistic coverage of improvisation basics as well as writing and directing techniques, Improv 101 will invigorate in you a passion for the spontaneous and creative.

3. Commedia Dell’Arte Masterclass by Michele Guaraldo

4 days over 2 weekends, 16 & 17 Jan AND 23 & 24 Jan,

Sat: 4 – 8pm

Sun: 10am – 6pm

Usual price: $600

The Commedia Dell’arte Masterclass (which translates as ‘comedy of skills’) explores the nature of universal characters or archetypes. We will present masks, their meaning and their role, and then students can use different kind of masks and learn different techniques to embody these characters. We are going to present the nature of comedy and comicality in the Italian and European culture.

4. Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting (Introduction) by Kamil Haque

8 sessions: Mondays, 11 Jan – 29 Feb 7 – 11pm

OR Wednesdays, 13 Jan – 2 Mar, 2 – 6pm

Usual price: $600

Discover the fundamentals of Strasberg’s Method of Acting, such as the practice of relaxation, sense memory. Begin using the tools you learn in monologue work, and one-person devised performances. Find out how to begin create a reliable and methodical way of acting that works for you across all mediums and with all directors.

5. Lee Strasberg’s Improvisation by Kamil Haque

8 sessions, Thursdays, 14 Jan – 3 Mar, 7 – 11pm

Usual price: $600

Strasberg’s improvisation lends performers the unique ability to access the inner life of another character while developing a narrative vision for the scene. In this workshop, participants work on their specific chosen themes to improvise a scene with a fleshed-out dramatic arc, using the five scenic elements taught in class.

6. Improv Sports by Arnaud Pierre

8 sessions, Tuesdays, 12 Jan – 1 Mar, 7.30 – 10.30pm

Usual price: $600

This workshop will teach you Improv as if it was a sport. Participants will be familiarised with Robert Gravel‘s match format of improvisation of short match games and making up short stories following codes and genres. Through the study of this format of improvisation, participants will overcome their fear of the stage and understand how to make scenes interesting for the audience.

Registration closes 7 Jan 2016. Payment plans available. Email admin@hcac.sg for more details.

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