Sunrise Zazen Meditation - Session 1

Last Zazen meditation for the year is coming and it will be special: Zazen Master Kelvin is taking us for a sunrise Zazen meditation!

In Quantum Zazen, you will be meditating from a simple breath down to the finest constructs of your being. Of each quantum (unit) of energy and material in the dance of life, attuned to your energy, spirit, cells, muscles, thoughts, emotions and into your very breath of life. Balance the zen in you and experience the tranquility of being, and bring this into your life and reality.

Be zen, live zen, have zen. The quantum way.

ENTRY BY RSVP @ TINYURL.COM/QZAZEN ONLY. First come first serve basis.

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Sun Dec 6, 2015
6:00 AM - 8:30 AM SGT
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East Coast Park Area F (near East Coast Lagoon Food Village , next to carpark E3)
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East Coast Park Area F Singapore
Quantum Zazen Meditation